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Wedding Budget Prediction App

As a Wedding Planner who works closely with couples to help them achieve the wedding of their dreams, I am committed to customising everything to suit both the style and budget they have in mind. With an idealisation of what their big day will comprise - but a vague idea of the costs involved - clients come to me with their plans and often insist I help them predict the entire cost of their wedding, hopeful that it will all fit into the often unrealistic budget set by picking a dollar amount they’re comfortable spending. Unfortunately it is rather difficult to work with a figure a couple have set by taking an uneducated guess on what their dream wedding should cost. 

This is where ‘Let’s Predict It’ comes in! 

The LPI Apps sole purpose is to predict your entire wedding spend based on the number of guests that will attend and the per person reception venue costs.


The Let’s Predict It formula has been meticulously developed using experience and knowledge gained over the many years of wedding and event planning and takes all elements into account when helping my clients come up with an accurate predicted spend in the early stages of planning. This has helped ensure there are no unpleasant surprises for couples to deal with come the big day! 


What sets Let’s Predict It apart from all other wedding budget apps is the initial overall budget prediction. Other apps require you to have your starting budget set and with that, break it down into individual costs you can expect for each element and service. While this can be somewhat helpful, it doesn’t help you make an educated decision on what you should look at spending to create the perfect day in that it lacks the finer details! - And I think we all know that it’s the finer details and personalised customisations that really make your idealisation come to life!. 

LPI encourages you to start by including everything you dream of, assess the predicted spend and then where necessary, make amendments to individual elements to bring the budget down if need be. 


Let’s Predict It takes your specific wedding style into account. Your style is indicated by the reception venue you choose - this is how the App bases price predictions for the remaining elements. For example - If you select a reception venue that is considered a high end resort,  the additional elements and services price predictions will reflect that same level of superior quality and therefore require a generous overall budget. On the contrary, if you were to go for a rustic, barn style venue with a more relaxed and simple set up, you can expect a more refined overall budget prediction. 


The free version of the app gives you access to the budget prediction calculator - after specifying the reception venue’s quoted costs, you will receive a dollar figure that you can expect to spend in order to make your special day happen just as you visualised it! 

If you opt in to the paid version, Your overall predicted spend will be broken down into estimated individual costs so as you can see how your budget will likely be allocated to each element. This way you can see how exactly the app comes up with your estimated total and can help you make decisions around what amendments you might need to make to suit. This is only an estimate, however the accuracy of this formula has proven to be reliable in the past, having helped many of my clients make educated decisions and stick within their comfort zones when it comes to setting a final budget. 

The paid version of LPI goes further to help guide you through the entire process and make sure you’re sticking to your target budget allocation per element. It does this by taking the agreed budget per element/supplier (E.g. Musician) and matching that with the amounts you’ve paid as you tick off your list and submit your invoice costs. This shows you how you’re tracking and whether you’ve gone over or come under budget for each element!


This formula has helped me so much throughout my time as a wedding planner and has proven to be infinitely dependable. I can confidently say that it has allowed me to deliver premium, reliable services to each individual client, helping them achieve the exact wedding style they had in mind no matter how bold their plans! All while keeping the costs realistic and within the set budget throughout the entire process - from laying out all hopes and dreams on paper to actually bringing it into fruition for the big day! 

Now this tool is yours to utilise as you please for a very small fraction of the cost of a wedding planner. 


Tanya x

Welcome to Let’s Predict It!
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Steps to Using LPI

This app has been designed as user friendly. In three easy steps you can discover your expected wedding budget

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Step One...

Venue Packages

Choosing the wedding venue is the first step most couples take. Enquire with your favourite venue(s) and secure their wedding package

Step Three...

Discover your expected budget

Click to submit and then see what budget figure you should expect to spend on your entire wedding

Step Two...

Insert venue costs

Insert in to the app the venue hire cost, your chosen per person catering package cost and the beverage package cost and the number of guests you are expecting 



"The Let's Predict It app is an incredible tool for any couples planning their wedding day! It is easy to use, accurate and takes away all the stress over what kind of budget you need to set away. I'd highly recommend it for any couples planning their big day!"

Kylie Kelly


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