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How to Select Your Wedding Suppliers

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

This is one subject that I always advise couples on early in our interaction as it can reduce a great deal of stress or completely amp it up during the planning stage.

If you choose a team of suppliers that you are happy with, then you will no longer over think things. You will know that on your wedding day, they have got this.

There are a set of questions you should ask yourself before booking a supplier:

- When you met with the supplier, did you feel they got you?

- Did you leave the meeting feeling excited and relaxed?

- Do you trust that the supplier will 100% deliver what you need?

- Has their communication been prompt and friendly?

- Did they answer your questions and give you all of the information you need?

If you answered 'yes' to all then you have the right supplier for you. If you answered mostly 'yes' then consider if where the supplier is lacking is important to you or not. Is it something you can get past? If you hardly answered 'yes' then keep looking!

It is a bit of gut instinct mixed with common sense. Putting together the right team for one of the biggest days of your life (and let's face it, one of the biggest financial investments) is absolutely essential. You will thank me when you are relaxed and stress free on the morning of your wedding.

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