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Yes budget is important but it's not everything

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Planning a wedding is an intricate balance between securing all of your favourite suppliers, having all of your dream elements and not starting your married life in debt. I have been on both sides, as a wedding planner and as a bride, so I get it.

However I warn that if you go with the cheapest option, usually this supplier's pricing has not set them up with a sustainable and profitable business. Eventually when the money they bring in does not cover their bills and allow them to live, their business will close. It is a reality. I have watched many "budget" businesses come and go.

When you book and pay a deposit to your wedding supplier so far out from your wedding day, choosing the cheapest option means you run the risk of their business folding before your big day comes around. This leaves you searching for another wedding supplier after the loss of your deposit paid.

We cannot all have a surplus of money to spend on our big day and so yes you cannot necessarily choose the most expensive supplier for every area of your big day, but you can choose to go with the supplier you believe has placed themselves in a position of strength and sustainability, who sees the value in their product or service.

My advice to you is to be conscious of the dollar figure you have to spend on each area of your wedding and to secure the wedding vendor who is most established within this budget bracket.

The paid version of the Let's Predict It app can help with this. It takes the overall budget figure and breaks it down in to individual figures you should adhere to for each wedding element, in order to stay in budget. The app also tracks your spend as you lock in suppliers.

Research and read reviews. Enquire with as many suppliers as you need until you find the ideal wedding supplier team for you.

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